New Cascadia

by Transpacifica

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lessdead thumbnail
lessdead This album is just fantastic. it grabs you from the first track with warm, detuned synths and drums that are both intricate and hooky. This kind of music haunts the fringes of Synthwave, pushing away vapid nostalgia baiting in favor of creative song writing and Sonic exploration. I really pleasant surprise from a serious talent. Favorite track: New Cascadia.
julesneonfawkes thumbnail
julesneonfawkes Rich vibrant synthwave sounds that are pure bliss. This album rings so clear and pure. Favorite track: Eschaton (If Not Now).
steven rainey
steven rainey thumbnail
steven rainey Elegance personified, this release has design work that would make an architect proud. But despite the wonderful engineering, 'New Cascadia' has a beating heart on display, and these tracks take the listener on an emotional journey. This is Transpacifica's strongest release so far, and points to him becoming a major force to be reckoned with. Favorite track: NOPAC. thumbnail Highly recommended if you dig downtempo synthesizer jams and cinematic synthwave! Favorite track: NOPAC.
Alpha Chrome Yayo
Alpha Chrome Yayo thumbnail
Alpha Chrome Yayo Rejecting the synthwave vision of neon CG sunsets in favour of the great outdoors breathes fresh air into this conceptual record.

Soothe yourself to the synth sounds of New Cascadia, a farming community for those who want to get off the neon grid (sorry, I couldn't resist).

It's a restorative release with tasteful, life-giving synth lines and some funky bass that suggests the forest nightlife must be fun too. Another excellent release from Transpacifica. Favorite track: NOPAC.
New Cascadia 05:04
NOPAC 04:14
Xynthwave 04:59
Timespace 05:24


Why not move to a beautiful forest community in the mountains, where the air is clean and fresh, the water runs crystal clear and the sun brightens the world through the leaves of great trees? Get away from that city smog, the hustle and bustle, the noise and the cramped living, no personal space, no rest, no quiet times for reflection. Get to know your neighbors, who will care and support you when you're not feeling yourself.

Welcome to New Cascadia, founded 2037, population: 573

This EP takes the listener on a synth journey starting from the lulling hypnotic echoes of the title track New Cascadia, through the kinetic movement of NOPAC, and the off-kilter oblique rhythms of Xynthwave, past the dirty frantic bass and funk chords of Eschaton (If Not Now) before arriving at the blissed out Timespace.


released July 23, 2019

Produced, mixed and mastered by iain holmes.


all rights reserved



Transpacifica Northern Ireland, UK

Soundtracks for bus journeys at night through a future the 1980s promised us, but never provided

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